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Vaidacharya Marketing was founded with a noble Mission of Helping with Herbal Cure. The Company beliefs in helping the nation by giving herbal treatment.

As per the Founder of the company, Today the world is moving very fast and busy, in the busy schedule, No one have time to look after for his / her Health, Food etc.. In this condition, The most common problem we are facing, now a days is PILES, By keeping this on mind, He decided to help the world by giving a 100% Herbal & Ayurvedic treatment of Piles: "Relief n Pile".

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda can be defined as a system, which uses the inherent principles of nature, to help maintain health in a person by keeping the individual's body, mind and spirit in perfect equilibrium with nature.

The Origin of Ayurveda:

Widely regarded as the oldest form of healthcare in the world, Ayurveda is an intricate medical system that originated in India thousands of years ago. The fundamentals of Ayurveda can be found in Hindu scriptures called the Vedas — the ancient Indian books of wisdom. The Rig Veda, which was written over 6,000 years ago, contains a series of prescriptions that can help humans overcome various ailments.

The AIM of Ayurveda:

The aim of this system is to prevent illness, heal the sick and preserve life. This can be summed up as follows:
  • To protect health and prolong life ( "Swasthyas swasthya rakshanam")
  • To eliminate diseases and dysfunctions of the body ( "Aturasya vikar prashamanamcha")

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Relief n Piles

Relief n Piles is a well Established natural Herbal Treatment being run under astute leadership of Highly Qualified...

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Establish Relief n Piles as a safe piles & fissure cure solution without any side effect. Awareness of ayurvedic medicines to all age group..


Relief n Piles is an anti-inflammatory formula used to treat Piles Fissures & Fistula. It is also used to calm acute pain and reduce swelling...

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